Thursday, May 31, 2007

For an Acne Free Back

I hate to admit it but sometimes I get the occasional backne especially now with the hot weather coupled with working out. I want to have a nice and clear back too. I use Murad Clarifying Body Spray ($35.00 for 4.3 oz.,

It cost a little more than most acne treatments. The unique thing is the bottle can be sprayed upside down (without dripping), which means you don't have to get someone to spray it for you. It's fast drying but I still like to make sure my back is completely dry before I put on my clothes.

I don't use it all the time just when I notice a pimple forming or it's already there. I don't use this spray that often just when I notice a blemish.

If you're using this, please let us know how it works or doesn't work for.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Money Saving Tips: Live like a College Student

Some of the best advice I got when I graduated from college was: "Continue to live like a college student for 5-7 years. You will save a lot of money".

Here are 7 frugal things I did in college and still do now:

1. Buy pasta (cheap and easy to cook).

2. Cook instead of buying take-out (mentioned this before).

3. Use coupons at the grocery store.

4. If possible walk instead of drive (it's exercise and saves on gas)

5. Buy in Bulk (feminine products, paper products, etc)

6. Go to the movie during matinee.

7. Don't make shopping a hobby. Find other things to do: spending time with friends, reading, hiking, etc.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Just in time for Summer: Updated my Capris

I've been meaning to update my capri jeans. I bought these capris from Aéropostale for $29.99 (regular price: $44.50).
They fit perfectly and I like that they look a little distressed like I've had them for years.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day


Friday, May 25, 2007

Old Navy Mini-Wedge Sandals

I went to Old Navy a couple of days ago and saw these cute little wedge sandals ($14.95 each). I bought a pair in each color because I can wear them with almost anything. During the summer I don't always want to be walking around in heels.

This a classic style so I can wear them more than one year. These will look cute with a mini skirt (I'm still trying to find one I like). Besides the cute style and affordable price I like how comfortable they are. I didn't find them rubbing against my foot but you should try them on to be sure.

Have a Great Weekend and Enjoy Memorial Day with your Family!!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Product Feature: Men's Nautica N-Series Jeans

A while back I posted an N-Series contest and since then I have recently received three pairs of the Nautica Jeans Men's N-Series Straight Leg Jeans (retailing $45.00 each). Seeing as though I am happily single, I decided to give a pair to my dad. I had him test them and write down his review:

"Good fit and not tight anywhere." "Nice casual jean you can wear on the weekend or put on after work." "The color looks like it has a little green tint to it but nothing that to noticeable." "Light but durable, good quality material" (my dad's very practical)." "Can wear with almost any shirt." I forgot to add "they are not tight on the legs", I saw them and they are not tight, they are a straight leg with a little give or a little baggy in the legs.

A question I asked him: Would you go to the store and buy them? He said "yes, because these jeans would last a while and guys just don't go shopping all the time for new clothes".

My dad might not be the target demographic (20-something guys) for this product but he proved that you don't always have to be in that golden target market (18-34) to wear or use a product.

You're probably wondering what I'm going to do with the the other two pair well I'm going to have two contests to give them away to two lucky readers. More details to come.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sephora Slim Eye Pencil: Cheap and Effective

To save money sometimes I will buy store brand products and one of the best store brands is Sephora.
I love the Sephora Slim Eye Pencil ($2-$4 depending on the color). It's firm yet soft (the last thing I want is a hard and scratchy eye liner). I have my standard black one but I decided to try the bronze ($4) and copper ($4). They seem to make my brown eyes sparkly a little.
The best thing is, it doesn't irritate my eyes (I'm a contact wearer) and the second best thing is the price.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Big Lotion for a Small Price

I'm always looking for a creamy and moisturizing lotion. I love this Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning lotion ($6.49, drugstores).

What I also love is that it comes big bottle (25 oz). It's fast absorbing and made my skin feel very soft. I didn't have to apply more lotion throughout the day. The scent is a typical cocoa butter smell.

The only thing I wish is that it was available in a smaller tube so I can carry one in my purse.
I think this is my new favorite lotion for now. I shouldn't have to buy any more lotion for a little while.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Don't Get Caught Unprepared on the Road

I always like to be prepared for anything. The last thing I want to be is stranded on the side of the road.

I ordered the Safety Girl Kit ($29.95, which is a cute little lunch box filled with everything from water to instructions on changing a flat tire and to jump start a dead battery. Plus this kit comes with a emergency blanket.

I already have the traditional road side kit but I thought this would be great to have too.


Thursday, May 17, 2007


Due to my sick pet and my mother's minor surgery I will be posting next week.
Sorry for any inconvience.

Have a good week.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Make Brown Eyes Pop

I didn't come close to finding a perfect little mini skirt over the weekend but I did have a nice time with my family celebrating Mother's Day.

I did buy a new eyeliner, Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Navy ($5.99, drugstores). The navy really made my brown eyes pop. I normally just buy either black or brown eyeliner but I'm glad I purchased a different color. I also like that it's waterproof and didn't fade so easily by the end of the day.

I know I'm not going to wear it all the time but now I have another option and have a little fun playing up my eyes.


Friday, May 11, 2007

Enjoy the Weekend

I thought I would play a little hooky since the weather is really nice. I'll have more posts next week for instance I'm trying to find a great mini skirt maybe I'll find one over the weekend.

Have tons of fun and Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Staying Dry While Under Pressure

I recently had a job interview and knowing I was probably going to be a little nervous. The last thing I want to worry about is a little sweat (yes, everyone does it but no one wants to really talk about it.)
I decided before hand to use Behind the Seams Pretty Underarm Protection ($10.00 for 12,
It protected my shirt and I didn't have to worry about anything besides the interview. It's easy to use because of the self-adhesive backing.
The benefits of using this product is:
· Preventing embarrassing underarm wetness
· Protecting fabrics from permanent stains
· Keeping underarm odors off clothing
· Saving on dry cleaning bills
If you're using this product let us know what you think of it?


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Look Good Even if You Can't Afford to Join a Gym

I have always loved exercising and working out. I was even the health & fitness chair for my sorority.

I decided to update some of work out clothes. To keep myself motivated I purchased a few items:

* Fila Cami in pearl ($45.00,

* Fila Hot Shorts in hibiscus($40.00,

*Kaepa Women's Little Black & Yellow Cami ($41.99, Lady Foot Locker)

*Kaepa Women's Basic Tank ($32.99, Lady Foot Locker)

I like work out clothes that are durable and stylish. You never know who you might meet while at the gym or out running.
These four pieces were very easy on my wallet. So as not to over work my pieces I will rotate them with my other work out clothes.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cute and Portable Mini Lip Glosses

I saw the Goldie Mini Lip Glosses and thought how cute. I'm a sucker for mini lip glosses. These cute little glosses are perfect if you're carrying a small clutch or bag.

Bath and Body works currently have a great deal 3 for $15.00.

The three I bought are: Nylon, Naked and Blossom.

Blossom (first picture) is a subtle pinky-peach shimmer gloss

Nylon (second) is a shimmery nude gloss

Naked (third) is a pinkish-nude gloss
I like the shine that I get from wearing the Goldie glosses and it's quite moisturizing for a lip gloss.

I wore Blossom on a date and he actually said that my lips look very pretty.


Monday, May 07, 2007

Stress Relief Cream

Who doesn't feel a little stressed especially now a days with everyone zipping around, multi-tasking, etc. I started using Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Mind Repair Pulse Point Cream ($7.99 for 1.35 fl. oz, to relieve any tension or stress from the day.
You can smell the peppermint as you massage it into your skin.
Directions say to: Inhale deeply and massage a dab into temples, neck, forehead and earlobes for instant relief.
I don't use it that often mainly because I try to do yoga and meditation.
It's good to use at night when you can't quite sleep because of stress.


Friday, May 04, 2007

Reader's Frugal Glam Product: Foundation & Blotting Sheets

Cute2pie88 uses L'Oreal True Match in Honey Beige ($8.99, drugstores). She says "it covers without feeling heavy."
Another Frugal Glam product she likes to use is Biore Blotting Sheets ($6.99, drugstores) to dab on her oily skin throughout the day.
If you have Frugal Glam product you would like to share please e-mail me at: Send me the product name, price, where you can purchase it and why it works for you.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Moisturizing Body Oil

I love using Neutrogena Body Oil ($9.99, drugstores) because it makes my skin feel really soft.

I also like to add some to my bath for a moisturizing soak. Sometimes if a lotion isn't very moisturizing I will add some oil to it.

It has a light fragrance (there is a fragrance free version too) which I like.

It's cost effective because I don't use a lot of it.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What to Wear on a Summer Vacation

I bought this adorable mark. Island eyelet white dress on-line at mark ( for $25.00. This is a dress that I know I will wear this summer. I can dress it up or wear it casual.

It's cute, airy and little sexy. The perfect little summer dress at least for me.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Perfect Bronze Lip Gloss for Day

Lately, I have just been wearing CoverGirl Lipslicks in Bronze Goddess ($3.99, drugstores).
I like it because it's a sheer bronze with just a hint of pink and shimmer. The color seems natural and I don't feel like I'm wearing a bold lip color for the day time.
It goes on smooth and not sticky. It's more like a tinted lip balm instead of a lip gloss.
My friend who uses this every now and then says she does not like the smell of the product but I don't really smell anything. I'll let you decide of there is a smell to this gloss or not.
Pretty good product for a pretty good price.