Thursday, May 24, 2007

Product Feature: Men's Nautica N-Series Jeans

A while back I posted an N-Series contest and since then I have recently received three pairs of the Nautica Jeans Men's N-Series Straight Leg Jeans (retailing $45.00 each). Seeing as though I am happily single, I decided to give a pair to my dad. I had him test them and write down his review:

"Good fit and not tight anywhere." "Nice casual jean you can wear on the weekend or put on after work." "The color looks like it has a little green tint to it but nothing that to noticeable." "Light but durable, good quality material" (my dad's very practical)." "Can wear with almost any shirt." I forgot to add "they are not tight on the legs", I saw them and they are not tight, they are a straight leg with a little give or a little baggy in the legs.

A question I asked him: Would you go to the store and buy them? He said "yes, because these jeans would last a while and guys just don't go shopping all the time for new clothes".

My dad might not be the target demographic (20-something guys) for this product but he proved that you don't always have to be in that golden target market (18-34) to wear or use a product.

You're probably wondering what I'm going to do with the the other two pair well I'm going to have two contests to give them away to two lucky readers. More details to come.

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