Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Dog-a-rrific Treat

I like to spoil my pets but who doesn't now a days.

About a few months ago, I found these Three Dog Bakery Beagle Bagels in Peanut Butter ($5.99, and $5.69, my dogs love them.

Ever since then I try to order them as a treat. They love them so much that when I take out the container they can barely sit still until I give them one.

I like these Beagle Bagels because they are natural with no added salt, sugar, artificial chemicals or preservatives. They are made with natural ingredients and plus they are oven baked.

The package contains a baker's dozen, which is not always the best when it comes to spoiled dogs that want equal share.

Please note: if you make a purchase on the website, a portion of the profits are donated to The Gracie Foundation™, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping abused, neglected and homeless dogs.



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