Friday, January 05, 2007

Product Feature: Pantina lip balm and gloss

I received some samples from Pantina Cosmetics's Naturally Stunning Spring 2007 Collection. Even though they are not in the stores yet I would like to review them for you.

The first samples are the Pantina Buttery Lip Plumping Balm ($5.00 each). As I stated in a previous post about lip plumping, I can never tell if they are working because my lips are naturally plump.

Aside from that, I do like how smooth the product goes on with just a hint of color and a great tast of peppermint.

They did keep my lips moistured even in cold weather (I tested them on really cold days). They also, contain shea butter, peppermint essential oils and vitamins C & E. I have no complaint against this product. I like the sleek pink and white design of the tube (has a clear detachable top).

The second samples are the Pantina Fusion Gloss ($4.50 each). These are great little products that provide a really nice shiny (non-glazed donut) look. It's a sheer gel gloss. I also love the Asian inspired scents and flavors they are avaible in such as: Mandarin Green Tea, Lycee Lollipops and Asian Pear Punch.

I love the product but I'm not so keen on the bottle design, it kind of reminds me of a nail polish bottle.

I think this product would look great in a sleek twist bottle that can fit nicely in your purse or jeans.

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Blogger Dinah said...

Ohh you are so lucky to try them out.

10:58 PM  
Blogger BeautyGirl23 said...

I love trying out new products. I'm a product junkie :)

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found their Spring 2007 line at Eckerds Drugstore in Rocheste(Upstate) NY today. Picked up their Minerals Face Palette in Natural, with eyes and blush. Also picked up the lip balm in Nude shade. Thank you for your review!

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where can you buy it?

8:51 AM  

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