Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Product Feature: Body Scrub

I recently received a sample gift bag from Maryam's Soap Nook that contained a few products. All the products are natural and hand made.

I wanted to review the products one at a time. The first product I tried was the Shea Butter and Dead Sea Salt Glow Scrub ($15 for 8 oz jar or $25 for 16 oz jar,

It's moisturizing and thick. I like this scrub because even though it's packed in oil it didn't leave my skin feeling super slick. It left the right amount of oil. You don't need to use a lot of this for it to work. It has a pleasant scent but not overpowering and it does not linger. However, those who are use to fancy packaging might not like the way it's packaged. For me it doesn't matter because I don't buy beauty products for the bottle or box. I buy it for the results.

Would I purchase this product? Yes, because it really does work. It's good quality and different plus I like to show support for small businesses. My skin is normally dry and this made it soft and smooth.

If you prefer a different scents, she also has 15 other Glow Scrubs to choose from. As with any new product check to make sure there are no skin irritations, even though this is a natural and hand made product it's always best to check.

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